When the evening pulls the sun down,
And the day is almost through,
Oh, the whole world it is sleeping,
But my world is you.

When I was going to school at Santa Clara

my best friend banned “Thinking Out Loud”

because it had been

“their song.”

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You want me to put what where?!

Hello to all my biosex-female* friends and otherwise curious dudes! Today I’m here to talk to you about reusable feminine hygiene products.

Yes. You heard that right.


Now, not to assume I can read your thoughts, but I can imagine some of you reading this are either thinking, “Um, please tell me you don’t reuse your tampons,” or it’s slowly dawning on you what I’m talking about.

Is she talking about…the DIVA CUP?

Yep. This is in part a post in defense of menstrual cups, of which Diva Cups are only one brand. I’m a big proponent of the glorious little bits of silicon, but I know a lot of people are pretty unsure about the idea. Whether you’re freaked out by the mere thought or hesitantly curious, hopefully this helps! However, menstrual cups aren’t the only form of reusable feminine hygiene products. I’ll be talking about a few products today – hopefully, you find something new that makes your monthly a bit more manageable!

(Sarah Anderson is incredible)

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TRIGGER WARNING: post contains an apologist’s explanation of “trigger warnings”

For a couple of summers, I taught a class called “Middle School Life Hacks.” The class covered topics like note-taking, study skills, time management, basic human decency…you know, stuff you need to survive middle school. For our unit on organization, I started with an open-ended discussion: “How do you organize your school materials?” Immediately, one girl shoots her hand up in the air and explains that she just HAS to put her pencils in rainbow-colored order because she’s “super OCD.” Now, I hadn’t planned to talk about mental health during this unit, but I recognized one of those fabled “teachable moments” they tell you about in school. I let the other girls explain their tips and tricks (or blatant lack thereof), but before we got into the activity I had planned, I took a quick detour.

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Jammin’ in January 18′

So, it’s been a while since one of these, so it’s less of a January playlist, and more of a summary of the last couple of months, but hey! That just means they have good sticking power.

In this set of 15 tunes, you will find…

  • 4 tunes about bittersweet acceptance
  • 3 anthems to help you get through 2018
  • 3 songs about pining
  • 1 beautiful acoustic
  • 1 ridiculous club song
  • 1 of THE CUTEST songs ever, and
  • the most infectious dance jam since Shakira’s “Waka Waka”

If any of those sound like something you could use, take a look!

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Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior.

Ever heard of it? I hadn’t until about a month ago.

Simply put, a BFRB is behavior in where you pick, bite, nibble, chew, or pull apart some part of your body with your mouth or hands. This could look like biting your nails, chewing on your hair, picking at your skin, or biting your lips – just to name a few – and they ultimately damage your body.

Here are some of the most common types:

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Last week, we celebrated a couple of pretty big anniversaries. For better or worse, we’re now a year into the current presidency, and we also marked the first anniversary of the largest international demonstration in history: the Women’s March (which, by the way, isn’t just a once-a-year rally kinda thing). Whether or not you were celebrating any of these recent events, today I’m celebrating a more personal anniversary.

The picture below was taken last Thanksgiving. I actually like it quite a bit. It’s not that common for my cousin-sister Lydia and I to take pictures together in good lighting when we both look cute 🙂 However, at the same time that I appreciate how adorable we look, for me, this picture is a reminder of where I was last year: not all that great of a place.


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Pumpkin Soup

A very belated Happy Halloween to everyone! This year’s festivities came and went without much excitement. The scariest thing I did was try to get two students to meet their early deadlines (one made it, the other ghosted me…). I hear there was a little lithping R2D2 who visited our place, but all good trick-or-treaters were long in bed by the time I got home from work. However, I did get to dress up as one of my favorite childhood artists, Annie Lennox! Fun fact: there’s a video of me dancing around my family living room to “Little Bird,” except I thought the line “My my, we reap what we sow” was “Mama, you work your butt home” – what can I say, I was raised by a stay-at-home dad 😛


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Singing in September ’17

Music is pretty dang important to me. I listen to a lot of music. I think about things in songs, and if you play a song for me, I will be able to recall at least one highly specific memory attached to it. My current Spotify playlist count is at 34, and that’s just the public ones (I’ve probably got as many private). I can get pretty emotional from music, and there are certain artists, albums, and songs I really can’t listen to unless I’m ready to re-live some memories or am in the right kind of mood (hence, many of my mood-themed playlists). I’ve learned to take note if I don’t sing for some time, and make sure to include it in my steps towards better self-care. Growing up as a homeschooler with a music-loving Dad as a teacher, there was always some album playing in the background (Steely Dan, most days in my memory), and I almost always have some song playing in my head, beginning with the moment I wake up. While I cycle through albums and styles over time, I also get into grooves of songs, and I’ve decided to start cataloguing those grooves.

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Roommate Anthems

I’ve been thinking lately how lucky I am to have the incredible housemates I do. I may be a constant third wheel – the Ted to their Lily and Marshall – but I’m blessed to live with Andrew and Bea, and I’m so glad I made the decision to stay in the Bay. I might not love the area, and I might miss my family a lot, but it’s so important to me to surround myself with people who love me and make me feel good about life.


And these two come in a long line of incredible housemates I’ve had over these past four years. I mean. I’m really. REALLY lucky. And of course, every incredible collection of roommates needs an equally incredible collection of theme songs.

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Celebratin’ the Gays

So, I recently moved to Willow Glen, a fairly well-off area of San Jose (though, let’s be honest, we livin’ on the cheap [as much as one can in the Bay…]), and our apartment complex is down the street from a Hassidic synagogue and this pretty Lutheran church: Christ The Good Shepard. I’m a good ol’ Roman Catholic struggling to incorporate more Buddhism in her life, but I’m a big fan of places of worship. I’ve never been to a synagogue, temple, church (beyond maybe a couple Catholic ones…), mosque, or tariqua that I haven’t felt completely welcomed into. So when I saw the church, I was interested!


I noticed their little rainbow fish, which I see a lot around. Nothing too crazy special. But wait? What is that I see peeking out behind the sign?

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